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Do you need diff breathers?

We have had a number of enquiries for our breather kits coupled with few questions asking why you need them. With that we decided to provide some insight and a link to a website for more information.

Extended diff breathers are extremely important insurance for your 4WD if you drive through water. In essence, when you go through a puddle that is near or above diff height, you are dunking a hot differential into cold water.

When you dunk something hot into cold water, it shrinks, and in the case of a diff, tries to suck air in. If you don’t have extended differential breathers, the line of least resistance is usually through your oil seals or the factory breather. This is problem when your diffs are underwater, as the water passes through the seals and mixes in with your oil inside the differential.

Extended diff breathers also allow for hot air to exit through the hose. By fitting diff breathers, when your diff gets dunked in water it will contract, and suck air in through the breather (as a pose to water through the seals!).

Differentials are designed to run oil to keep the bearings and gears lubricated. When you add water into the mix you will damage both the gears and bearings, and it leads to expensive repairs. Trust me (I’ve had this issue with my Hilux as I never fitted breathers before taking it through puddles!)

Get them while stock lasts.

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Henry Craukamp
Henry Craukamp
02 sty 2022

Thanks for the information.

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