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At Tusker 4x4 we make family overlanding possible.
Here you will find the latest updates, exclusive info and media, fan stories, and so much more.
We’re based in South Africa, but are always looking to grow and expand our spheres of influence. Feel free to explore the site and join our fun and vibrant community!


About Us

Tusker Global was founded in 2020 on our passion for the unspoiled beauty of the nature and the love of exploring the outdoors with their families. 

At Tusker we are dedicated to Outdoor Overlanding Adventures and strive to bring everyone the latest news, updates, special events, and more to our community. We pride ourselves on being a fun and collaborative environment, where people from all over can come together and share their experiences about overlanding with their families and friends.


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Forest Hammock
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Tusker Global the official Distributor for TRE 4x4 in South Africa

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Waiting for our next shipment. Watch this space for amazing specials.


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6 East Street, Edenglen, Edenvale, South Africa

Kyle +27 71 604 3932 or Kerry +27 82 855 3079

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